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FAKA PASIFIKA The pacific way vol.1 
Dances for children from the age of 3 upward

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PAN9601 01:00:00 No 46
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On their frequent trips to the Pacific, Ad and Lucia Linkels, specialists in Pacific dance and music, recorded and learned many dances. Now these cultural treasures, performed by Faka Polinisia, are available on three DVDs, together with dance descriptions in three accompanying books.

This DVD and book series includes old and modern hula dances from Hawaii, ‘otea and ‘aparima dances from Tahiti, action songs and haka from New Zealand, graceful dances and war dances from Samoa, ma‘ulu‘ulu and tau‘olunga dances from Tonga, dances from the various Melanesian, Micronesian, and Polynesian peoples of Fiji, as well as dances from smaller and less well-known countries such as Tuvalu, Niue, and Tokelau.

Included are simple dances for young children, complex dances for older children and adults, and many in between. There are sitting dances, standing dances, and stepping dances, most of them with the important story-telling hand movements that are a main feature of Pacific dancing.

The DVD series
The dances on the DVDs are performed in authentic costumes by dance group Faka Polinisia and guest dancers, under the leadership of Ad and Lucia Linkels. Viewers will find the DVDs well suited for learning the dances as well as for enjoying the performances. The series will be greatly appreciated by anyone interested in ethnic dance, ethnomusicology, and Pacific cultures.
The book series
The books contain information regarding the background for each dance as well as descriptions, style characteristics, musical notations, and appropriate ages for learning the dances. They are published by the Mundo Étnico Foundation.

The musical recordings of all dances in this series have been released on the CDs Fiafia, Talofa, Hula haka hoko, Kaparima, and Vela vela, which can also be purchased from the Mundo Étnico Foundation.  
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