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The Mundo Étnico Foundation is a Dutch non profit organization studying and promoting traditional, contemporary and developing Pacific cultures by means of book and CD publications, workshops, seminars and educational programmes at primary schools. All programmes and publications are the result of field work research trips to the islands by Ad and Lucia Linkels, which altogether lasted about five years.

The entire archive of Mundo Étnico now includes hundreds of hours of live recorded music, eighty thousand colour slides and black and white photographs, and numerous songs and dances collected and learned on the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Photo 1: Lucia Linkels (right) with her kumu hula (hula teacher) Keoni Martin (left) and Olivia Dahl-Tomas principal dancer of Halau Hula O Na Lei Mokihana (middle).

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Photo 2: Ad Linkels
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Photo 3: Lucia Linkels
participating in a lakalaka
dance in Tonga.
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Photo 4: Ad Linkels
recording in Tuvalu.
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Photo 5: Lucia Linkels serving 
kava to Sione Manu in Tonga
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Photo 6: Working out
fieldnotes in Tuvalu.
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Photo 7: Teaching the dance Pulou Pepa (Paper Hat) in Tuvalu.