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We do our utmost to keep this list free from dead links, however, should you come accross one, please do not hesitate to inform us! - New Zealand and Pacific art

Arts and crafts from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and other islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Tuvalu Online

All you want to know about Tuvalu.
Samoan Sensation

The information desk on Samoa.
Planet Tonga

The information desk on Tonga.
De Wandelende Tak

Music from all over the world in VPRO’s weekly radio programme.
South Pacific Organizer

Travel writer David Stanley answers frequently asked questions about eleven Pacific countries, runs an online island bookstore, and provides substantial excerpts from his guides.
Te Vaka Online

Our favorite band from New Zealand. A multicultural group under the musical leadership of Opetaia Foa‘i producing a unique blend of traditional and contemporary musical styles from all over the South Pacific.
Rotuma Website

The website that tells you everything you want to know about the island of Rotuma. Webmaster: Alan Howard.
European Centre on Pacific Issues

The site of ECSIEP, European Centre for Pacific Issues, is focused on social, economic and environmental issues facing the Pacific.
MusicAnd: International Site for Music Educational Innovation

This international site for music educational innovation includes an extended illustrated article on the programmes of Mundo Etnico, with music samples.
Islands of the Pacific & Oceania: A profile of Asia-Pacific and of the Pacific Islands

An index of resources on the Pacific Islands in “Country Destination Profiles” chapter “Pacific Islands”.
Come meet the Banabans

Webmaster Ken Sigrah introduces the visitor to the Micronesian people of Banaba, who now live on the island of Rabi in Fiji.
Jane’s Oceania Home Page

This site, owned and maintained by Jane Resture from Tuvalu, offers a lot of information on numerous islands and island groups in the Pacific.
Tonga startpagina

This site contains 140 links to all kinds of sites about Tonga. Webmaster is Herm Tuiten.
The Isle of Tokelau

Interesting site, informing you of all aspects from the coral isle Tokelau.
Tonga on the ‘net

All you want to know about the isles of Tonga you can find here.